Mileage Challenge
 2017 Mileage Challenge
The Mileage Challenge is an FMRRC program designed to encourage running and other healthful aerobic activities. It is for members only. There is no charge for participation.

To enroll in the program, members must fill out the 2019 application on which they establish their yearly running (or walking, biking, canoeing, etc.) goal. They keep track of their mileage and report it to the Mileage Challenge chair on a quarterly basis. 

2019 Tally sheets are available for keeping track of and reporting mileage if desired.: Quarter 1 - Quarter 2 - Quarter 3 - Quarter 4 

Participant mileage is reported in the club newsletter after the quarterly reports are received. Participant mileage is also listed here and updated quarterly and  as new results are received.
A Certificate of Achievement is awarded at the end of the year, and, in addition, members who accumulate 5,000 miles in the Challenge receive a club jacket, free of charge. The jacket is embroidered with the member's name, the club logo, and the words "5,000-Mile Club." Additional embroidery is added when members reach 10,000-mile and greater milestones.

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